Rest Areas and Welcome Centers

G5 Sponsorships offers a complete start-to-finish solution to the process of securing sponsorship for rest areas and welcome centers. The ability to sponsor public facilities like rest areas and welcome centers is becoming more prominent as more and more states seek innovative options for revenue generation through strategic Public/Private Partnerships.  Many rest areas and welcome centers are having to be closed across the country due to a lack of available funds. This provides an opportunity for brands to step forward and help keep these valuable assets available for motorists while also being able to enhance their brand awareness.


Rest areas and welcome centers offer a unique opportunity in that messaging can be displayed on both the way into the facility and on the way out of the facility, thus offering double the amount of impressions for each singular location.  Rest areas and welcome centers can also be optimal venues to promote non-distracted driving through the safe usage of electronic devices. 


Global-5 worked with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to gain the endorsement of 511 as an energy-efficient program and green commuting tool.

In 2010 the United States had 210,000,000 drivers and over 240,000,000 vehicles on roadways