Safety Service Patrol Sponsorships

They are usually the first to arrive when a driver needs help along the roadside. Safety Service Patrol fleets assist stranded motorists on America’s busiest stretches of highway, and provide traffic control during incidents including crashes and construction. Currently more than 40 states have a version of a motorist assistance program. Some of the services they perform include:

  • Jump-starting vehicles
  • Providing one gallon of gasoline for cars that run out of fuel
  • Water for overheating radiators
  • Tire changes
  • Access to a telephone for tow services
  • Directions and a state map
  • Limited first aid until emergency services arrive


The goodwill associated with sponsoring this roadside motorist assistance program creates millions of positive impressions annually.  For example, this note recently received by the Virginia Department of Transportation regarding their Safety Service Patrol:


"Stranded on a dark, cold Friday night, I was fairly convinced I would miss my flight. Less than five minutes later, a Virginia Safety Service truck pulled up behind me. Joe Dickinson, Unit #534, got out of the truck and offered me a hand. He worked quickly and efficiently replacing my flat tire with a spare. Joe got me back on the road in no time and I was able to make my flight, which incidentally was the last flight going out for the night. Mr. Dickinson was both courteous and kind, leaving with simply a handshake and the satisfaction of a job well done. He exemplifies the spirit that I try to teach my staff and hope to find in all public servants. I would like to formally thank you and the Virginia Department of Transportation Safety Service for employing such an outstanding individual and I’d like to thank Mr. Dickinson for helping me in my time of need and for providing a valuable public service."


With sincere gratitude,

Bernard Sanders

United States Senator




Since 1998 the West Virginia Courtesy Patrol has logged over 64,000,000 miles and assisted over 266,000 motorists.